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1. Getting Plugged In

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Call your Hiring Manager or Upline before moving to next step.

2. Get Contracted with Carriers

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You should have completed this when you followed the steps in the welcome email.

Call Hillary with contracting questions at 760-552-5146

**If you do not already have E&O Insurance, NAPA is one of the carriers we use. See link below**

Don't forget to complete your AML Training​ . You can complete it throught the LIMRA Training site for FREE!

5. Preparation for Appointments

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Be your first customer and write a policy on yourself and family members. Familiarize yourself with how to quote. This will help you understand the application process and build your confidence. Remember you can’t overcome an objection from a client not getting protection for their family if you haven’t overcame it yourself. Americo is the company you will use the majority of the time, so write yourself a policy with them.